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Our axiom: the structure and dynamics of complex systems are emergent properties of feedback mechanisms between simple processes.

A system dynamics model of vegetation biodiversity patterns produced the discovery of the inhibitory effect of extracellular self-DNA.
Such breakthrough finding opened new perspectives for biological control without chemicals in agriculture and innovative approach in pharma research.


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2010 Discovery of self-DNA toxicity
2012 NOSELF srl constitution – Italian patent
2013 PCT patent
2014 Start of partnership with Koppert Biological Systems
2015 Scientific publications New Phytologist, Phytochemistry Reviews
2016-2017 R&D Agri Pharma
2018 AND Biopharma constitution

worldwide patent




NoSelf Team



Biological and ecological modelling
Stefano Mazzoleni
Francesco Giannino
Fabrizio Cartenì
Christian Vincenot
Max Rietkerk

Plant pathology & ecology
Giuliano Bonanomi
Antonio Mingo
Mauro Senatore

Data analysis
Guido Incerti
Antonello Migliozzi

Organic chemistry
Virginia Lanzotti

Molecular biology
Maria Luisa Chiusano
Pasquale Termolino

Elisabetta de Alteriis


Antonio Cafiero (CEO)
Umberto De Gregorio (CFO)
Salvatore Mennella


Renato Mazzoleni
Luigi Polizzi
Marcello Diano
Marco Conedera
Brunella Liquori
Sergio De Marco


Boris Pezzatti
Mark Mulligan
Francisco Castro Rego
Duncan Heathfield
Antonio Risitano
Carlo Ricotta


What we do


Our story started investigating the role of negative feedback in regulating plant coexistence and biodiversity, but then we became expert in all sort of system dynamics models.

We develop mathematical models of biological and ecological systems at different scales and spatial representation and we perform multivariate data analysis to understand the mechanisms behind complexity.

Our models are process-based and modular in their structure. We use different modeling approaches (System Dynamics, Individual-Based) by various mathematical operators (ODE, PDE, logic functions), written in different languages and tools (system dynamic, Matlab, C + +). They can be also coupled with GIS tools, integrated into DSS, and connected with any sensor by IoT methodologies.

The models can drive the experimental work and optimize production processes.




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